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Automated Data Validation Professional Services

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Ensure the accuracy of data records across your organization.

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Validate data automatically as a part of the ETL and Big Data ingestion processes, spanning Oracle, MS SQL, Informatica, Hadoop, HPQC, and JIRA.

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LeTo works with advanced data comparison and business rules to deliver optimal performance.

bullet_point_star  Reduce manual effort to validate large bodies of data

bullet_point_star  Build accurate dashboards from large, disparate sets of data

bullet_point_star  Meet regulatory compliance, such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and more

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We believe your data should be accurate, no matter how big or complex.

Use Case: Creating Actionable Business Data

You have launched a new product to millions of users. As the business owner, you need to understand a broad array data. You need to understand income and expense details, monitor support SLAs, understand infrastructure performance, and much more.

With LeTo, the data from these sources be integrated, unified, cleansed, and validated as it traverses systems so that it becomes usable, accurate, and actionable information.

Use Case: Transitioning to a Big Data Lake

As you help your company transition from a variety of legacy environments to one Big Data Lake, you understand this cannot effectively be accomplished manually.

LeTo helps you move the data, compare, and validate it in an automated fashion.

LeTo helps you avoid corruption, improperly mapped fields, and bad transformation rules.

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