Powering DevOps With Intelligent Automation

LeTo’s "Less to Do" orchestration platform helps you achieve enterprise-level automation of current manual or partially-automated processes.

Saving you significant time and money.

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LeTo is focused on the application lifecycle, creating an end-to-end automated workflow with seamless integration to a variety of tools and technologies.

LeTo Features

CI/CD Workflow Management | LeTo

CI/CD Workflow Management
LeTo's workflow manager allows you to define custom workflows and automate your manual processes.

Automated ETL Deployments | LeToAutomated ETL Deployments
LeTo provides CI/CD for ETL applications like SSIS and Informatica. Deployment of ETL code and associated scripts is automated.

Selenium and Sikuli Test Automation | LeTo

Selenium and Sikuli Test Automation
LeTo provides an ability to integrate and run Selenium and Sikuli automation scripts for web and desktop applications test automation.

Integration to and from other CI/CD tools | LeTo

Integration with Other CI/CD Tools
LeTo provides standard plugins out-of-the-box to integrate with various CI/CD tools in a bidirectional manner.

Extensible and Adaptable plugin-based Architecture | LeTo

Extensible and Adaptable Plugin-Based Architecture
LeTo is built on a plugin-based architecture which makes it a robust, flexible, cost-effective framework.

LeTo unifies all DevOps functional and technical components | LeTo