LeTo was born from the BETSOL Innovation Lab in 2018 as a way to automate testing and deploy code faster and more efficiently. The idea was to have developers spend less time deploying and managing their code. It was built from the ground up with developers and infrastructure engineers in mind.Developing with humans

Our goal is to help development teams reduce time to market by automating the manual steps along the Solution Delivery Life Cycle, resulting in time and money saved.


We want to take the guesswork out of automation and deployments. When dev teams worry less about manual administrative tasks they can focus more on creating new code.

Customer review

What Our Customers Saying

We currently serve many different enterprise-level companies and help them take the guesswork out of DevOps automation.

“LeTo is the glue that brings the Automation process together.” – Director of Data Integration, Healthcare

“LeTo’s Cloud Instance Management has reduced our AWS fees almost immediately after implementation.” – Product Owner, Enterprise Backup

How LeTo Can Help You

LeTo has been used by QA teams to execute more than 20,000 test cases and has saved 45% of their testing time. In addition, LeTo was used to validate more than a billion records.

Cloud Instance management with LeTo reduces the cost of running development machines by more than 50% by allowing engineers to manage the start and stop of instances on their own with simple integration. This reduces unused instances running for long times without being used and reduces the effort for the admin.

LeTo Automation for Solution Delivery reduces the manual steps and testing by integrating with Industry leaders allowing code to be deployed, tested and pushed to the next environment with a simple trigger from the developer or project manager.

We are dedicated to helping our customers have less to do with LeTo.